Shuwaiman Al Kebir

Shuwaiman Al Kebir was the prime focus in a series of time trials conducted at a stables in Wantage, Oxfordshire until he slipped and fell on a tarmac road damaging both front legs in what is commonly known as ‘Broken Knee’.

This condition does not always involve actual breakage of bones but in rare instances it has. It is a severe truama that exposes the front of the knees almost done to the bone.

It can be very painful and normally takes anything from 3 months upwards to heal. During the healing process several complications can manifest from ulcers and tight skin to the inevitable white hair growth over the wound area.

Tight skin over such a truama can cause problems as even after full healing has occured, stretched skin tissue damages far more easily leaving the animal open to further problems.
White hair growth is fine if the animal is white or grey but if it is a darker natural colour such as chestnut or black then the damaged knee areas will stand out and act as an immediate indicator that the animal has been injured.

In the case of Shuwaiman Al Kebir none of the normally expected problems manifested themselves. The damaged knees were healed, not in a matter of months as is normal but in a period of 5 weeks with the majority of healing taking place in the first 3 weeks which is when hair began to grow back.

This rapid healing and normalisation of the damaged tissue had been brought about by the use of The Magnafield fitted into his stable. Set at 0.5Hz and running continuously producing a field that completely envelopes the horse.

His injuries have been fully healed.

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