Historical Cases

Let’s see some more success with PEMF Therapy!

  • A recent study of a 75 year old woman using a MagnaField® Mini Therapy unit over 4 months now, has shown a definite pattern of cessation of symptoms.The first report showed that she was much calmer, and not so confused or frightened.The second report showed a definite improvement in cognitive behaviour, and some retrieved memory in the short term sphere.The third report now shows, that she can function on her own, with simple tasks such as house work, and ministering her own medications which she was unable to do before.Her husband placed the MagnaField® Mini at the base of the neck just below the skull, and has the unit on 8 hz continually.
    This does not interfere with her sleeping patterns in any way.

  • 51 year old female with double breast mastectomy and secondaries in lymph and Bone cells.
    Purchased Magnafield Therapy unit in 1991, and used it according to instructions on 0.5 hz in the long term.
    Patient is now 71 years old, and has no sign of cancerous activity in her body, and is fit and well.
  • 40 year old male presented with malignant melanoma in upper body as result of too much sunbaking , with secondaries in the bone and muscle tissue in other parts of his body.
    He had 18 bouts of chemotherapy, as well as radiotherapy, and when he purchased the Magnafield in 1994, according to his doctors, there was no hope for him of any recovery.
    Over the next 18 months, he used only the Magnafield on 0.5 hz, and after having extensive tests and scans at that point was told he was cancer free.
    He is still well and free of cancer now, 2012.
  • 48 year old woman suffering from acute Leukaemia, and had had Chemotherapy for 18 months.
    Purchased a Magnafield in 1992, and upgraded the unit in 2009. She has been free of Leukemia for 18 years, and is in good health as at January 2012.
  • 50 year old woman with acute Bioplasmic Leukemia who had large bouts of Chemotherapy to no advantage over months, and her prognosis was poor.
    Purchased a Magnafield in 1994, and after using the unit on 0.5 for several months, told that her bloods cells had normalised and there was no sign of Leukemia.
    She continues today to be well, and still uses the unit to keep healthy.
  • 39 year old male presented with liver and stomach cancer, and after much medical interventional treatment was told there was no more could be done.
    He purchased a Magnafield in 2008, and used the unit on 0.5 over a number of months.
    After having lost touch with him for two years, we assumed he had passed away, but in June 2010, he called, and asked what frequency he needed to use the unit on, for an injury he had sustained playing football.
    On enquiring about his condition with his cancer, his comment was “ Oh I’ve been over that for a while now. There is no sign of it and I’ve forgotten about it “
  • 37 year old male with four inoperable frontal lobe brain tumours, for which several bouts of chemotherapy had not had any effect.
    He purchased a Magnafield in February 2010, and as he had virtually been told to put his affairs in order, he did not have any more medical treatment until July 2010 when scans showed no sign of tumour activity in any form.
  • 67 year old male presented with advanced Prostrate cancer, in 1998. and had had Chemotherapy, and surgical intervention.
    When he came to us , his PSA readings were still up in the 75 to 90 range.
    He purchased a Magnafield, and over some months, his readings normalised at around 5 to 7 , and he remains in good health today. 2012
  • Retired female Doctor presented with cancer in the pancreas.
    Having used the Magnafield in her practice for some years, she took it home and used it on a nightly basis for 3 months, before going back for further tests.
    Doctors couldn’t find evidence of any active cancer within the pancreas at that point, and she remains free of any cancer to date.
  • Patient in his early 30’s presented with inoperable liver and bowel cancer in 1993.
    He was told by his Oncologist that he had a life expectancy of 18 months, and 20 years later he is fit and healthy.
    All he has done is use the Magnafield on 0.5hz nightly.
  • 80 year old lady suffered liver and bowel cancer , and purchased a Magnafield in 2002.
    She went ahead with Ray treatment, with the Oncologist allowing her to use the Magnafield during treatments.
    She has fully recovered , and is now 4 years free of any sign of cancer.
    She continues to use the product “ just to keep she and her husband young”
  • Extract from a letter from a female patient in Vancouver Canada, 2001.I started using the Magnafield for my breast and uterine cancer in February 2001, using it day and night.
    What is interesting is my CA125 was at 13, and went to 180. Then on April 23rd, was at 850!
    Today 6 months later, I have just come from an abdominal ultrasound and endovaginal ultrasound, as it was suspected that a cyst on my ovary (that showed a septum) was cancerous, causing the elevated CA125…Well, everything…yes EVERYTHING is normal – no spots on the liver, kidneys, pancreas. Bowel and uterus are all fine… even the cyst is gone .
    I am currently working through the process and proving the benefits of the Magnafield in reversing an otherwise incurable condition.
    Chiao for now, look forward to speaking with you soon.
  • Male Patient presented with severe late stage bone cancer and was in severe pain, which was not able to be controlled by the usual drugs given for this condition.
    He was given two weeks to live by his doctors.
    He purchased a Magnafield, and used it on 8 hz during the day, and 0.5 hz during the night.
    He was pain free on the first day and has since has been able to move around and feels better in himself.
    He is steadily improving after just two weeks of treatment.

  • Patient presented with Diabetes and heart problems. He purchased a MagnaField® Mini.
    He has worn it on his person 24/7 for one week, and already has noticed a marked drop in his blood sugar levels, and feels much more energetic.

  • I am epileptic and have been suffering from seizures since I was sixteen (I am now thirty-four).
    I was taking medication yet was still having up to 8-10 seizures a year.I was introduced to the MagnaField and decided to discontinue my medication and give it a go.
    I have been using it for 18 months and have not had a single seizure. This is without making any changes to my diet or lifestyle.
    I would thoroughly recommend the MagnaField to anyone suffering from epilepsy or any ailments for that matter.
    Mrs Jenny Mevlit

  • Female patient who has had Hepatitis C for over 20 years, has been using the Magnafield for 3 years.
    Over this time her markers for Hep C have halved each time she has been for tests.
    This week, her Specialist was amazed that there is almost no sign of the Hepatitis at all.
    This is an unknown in the Medical Profession, and is generally considered incurable, despite the drugs and other treatments for this condition.

  • Male patient with Mesothelioma (lung disease from inhaling asbestos dust) in last stages of illness used the Magnafield on 0;5 predominantly, with bursts of 8 to 16 Hz at times of extreme breathing difficulties and pain.
    He is responding well, and after 3 months of treatment has been told by doctors that his tests show NO new growth in the lining of the lungs, and a receding of the damaged tissue.

  • Former Queensland Airline Pilot, was diagnosed with MS in 1994.
    He purchased a Magnafield unit, and was able to fly with commercial passenger airlines for another 5 years without problems. Eventually, the Airline Authorities stopped him flying passengers, so he continued on flying cargo planes , until he retired in 2000.
    He continues to lead a normal life, apart from some fatigue if he engages in strenuous activity for long periods. He is now over 70.
  • Lady in her mid 20 s was diagnosed with MS in 1996.
    She progressed very quickly with mobility problems, and when she came to us was mostly confined to a wheel chair. She purchased a MagnaField® Mini and used it day and night on her person all the time.
    She has been able to walk unaided and is an active mother of 3 . She has had no regression of the problem to date.
  • Elderly Gentleman presented with reasonably severe Parkinson’s Disease in 1998. He was unable to walk unaided, and had all the symptoms of fatigue, lack of speech and communication.
    Six months after using the Magnafield at night on 0.5 hz, he was able once more to walk on his own, and feed himself and was very much “alive” within himself again.
    This has continued to date.
  • 55 year old Man presented with Parkinsons Disease in 2013.
    He is the owner and manager of his business, and was having difficulty with limb movements, extreme shaking, forgetfulness, and depression. He had to leave the majority of the business operation to his wife and daughter.
    They purchased a Magnafield which he uses at night on 0.5 hz, and a Magnapulse unit which he uses during the day on 0.5 or 4 hz.
    He has since been able within 3 months to go back to working in the business.
  • 35 year old Teacher purchased a Magnafield unit in 2001, because M.S was getting severe enough that she faced leaving teaching and becoming an invalid.
    The first thing she noticed, was an increase in energy, and much longer periods before fatigue set in.
    She has not stopped teaching, sleeps well, engages in sports activities, and is in general good health.
  • In 1991, a senior physiotherapist who had suffered from MS for some years purchased a Magnafield from us, She used sticks to walk with, and a wheel chair for any long distances.
    She only practiced her physiotherapy one day a week, as she was too fatigued to do more.
    Over time, she was able to re start her practice full time, walk without aid, and took up playing tennis. She has not regressed in any way, and at 66 years old still practices in her clinic.


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