Diane Thompson

Here I am celebrating one year still clear after remission with twenty of my friends who had supported me on this challenging journey

In 2013 I was diagnosed with Stomach Cancer. This shocking news was followed by the doctor informing me that without the removal of my stomach I would die within months. I was devastated. I went from being an energetic, positive, creative woman to a fearful sad cancer patient. That name “Cancer Patient “alone scared me. Three years earlier my mother had passed of cancer, and I had cared for her for ten years, attending all her chemotherapy while watching her become weaker and weaker until she passed away in July 2011 a mare three years prior to my own diagnosis. I was still grieving when I received my own diagnosis for cancer on my birthday of all days. Shortly after my first operation I went into Ibby’s dry cleaners, and I was finishing a call explaining my health issues to a close friend.

When I finished my call Ibby asked me what was wrong, and I told him what I had been through and the second cancer diagnosis of liver cancer. I was tired and weak at this point and had lost three stones in weight.

Ibby started to tell me about a small machine that I could buy to help me. It seemed far too simple to help me with all my health problems. I agreed to get the mini Magnafield *  and later bought the Magnafield unit which I placed under my bed. I am convinced that both machines were helping me to recover, I continue to use both units and believed that they are the key to my speedy recovery.

None of my friends understand how it was possible to bounce back from five operations four diagnoses, twenty rounds of chemotherapy fifteen rounds of radiotherapy. I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer. I stand here 8 years later with both machines used daily and in complete remission. I also changed my diet to vegan and started swimming daily. These machines played a significant role in my survival and my rapid recovery. I am ever so grateful to my Nosy friend Ibby who introduced me to the Magnafield and helped me to stick around for all the people I love and who love me.

*Formerly known as MagnaPulse.