Elizabeth Webb


My words seem inadequate in expressing the overwhelming benefits of MagnaField® Mini! My personal case is fairly ordinary; I’m in my 50’s and in recent years had incurred lower back pain, joint pain and stiffness as a result of my very active lifestyle (golf, tennis, skiing, riding, hiking & mountain biking). Yoga, stretching and Aleve (NSAID) cured about 60% of my aches & pains.

“With MagnaField® Mini, I am 100% pain free, take zero Aleve, and am more agile than ever!”

So that you know, the MagnaField® Mini units I have shared have gone to quite a wide age range of family and friends…a 90-year- old woman, a 65-year- old music industry man, a 32-year-old professional golf caddy, a 27-year- old Yoga instructor…to name a few. Each individual has had remarkable, life changing results!!! General comments include; no more morning stiffness, joint pain, or impeded gate.