Jet Lag

The Misconception.

The Misconception Of Jet Lag

Ever since jet lag became a reported phenomena at the end of long haul flights and in the years (or decades) that followed, the causes were believed to have their origins in the time difference between embarkation and landing.

The following information may change your view as to the real causes of ‘Jet Lag’

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What Is It Really?

There are known causes of the phenomenon known as ‘Jet Lag’.
The most accepted explanation is the disruption of Circadian Rhythms. These are physical, neurological and behavioural changes that roughly follow a 24-hour cycle, responding primarily to light and darkness in an organism’s environment. They are found in most living things, including animals, plants and many tiny microbes. The study of Circadian Rhythms is called Chronobiology.

Jet lag is said to occur when travellers suffer from disrupted Circadian Rhythms. When you pass through different time zones, your body’s clock will be different from your wristwatch. For example, if you fly in an aeroplane from California to New York, you ‘lose’ 3 hours of time. So when you wake up at 7 a.m., your body still thinks it’s 4 a.m., making you feel groggy and disoriented. Your body’s clock will eventually reset itself, but this often takes a few days.

The body’s Circadian Rhythms are controlled by the body’s internal biological clock which has a strong relationship with Earth’s natural magnetic fields (PEMF). Anything that disrupts the essential influences of the Earth’s naturally produced magnetic fields, particularly at 8Hz, will affect the body’s internal biological clock and subsequently the body’s Circadian Rhythms.

Jet Lag and MagnaField® Mini

The effects of ‘Jet Lag’ can be minimised substantially by using the MagnaField® Mini set at 8Hz during the flight which will emulate the important natural 8Hz PEMF frequency at the same power and intensity levels.

The provision of the important 8Hz PEMF frequency at the same intensity and power levels found naturally will greatly minimise the effect of ‘Jet Lag’ if not combat it entirely.

MagnaField® Mini devices have been tested successfully on flights from London to Honolulu, London to Auckland, London to the Maldives, from London to Hong Kong both ways and from Birmingham to Christchurch both ways. For all flights, there was no reported ‘Jet Lag’ effect. The London-Honolulu and London-Hong Kong flights have been tested 3 times, each time with no reported ‘Jet Lag’. Circulatory oxygen is also improved by the MagnaField® Mini and this further adds to the positive effect of the device.