For Athletes

What can PEMF Therapy do for you?
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind about what Magnacares does for me. Without the Magnacare units I feel I would return to sleepless nights and a lack of energy during my training sessions very quickly.
UK’s Strongest Man (2011-2017)
World's Strongest man (2017)

Boost Recovery

Strong Man competitors like Eddie suffer grueling pain and injury as a result of the extreme pressures they put their bodies under. They constantly suffer from bone, muscle, joint and nerve damage. Eddie is a user of our Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology and has been so to exploit the advantages of rapid recovery and pain relief. Many professional athletes now use PEMF Technology to get them through the BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS.

Imagine What Magnacares Could Do For You.



premier FULL-BODY PEMF therapy device

Sports Injuries & Performance

Athletes, both professional and amateur, can benefit from using MagnaField® and MagnaField® Mini.

Research shows that a 1% increase in local tissue oxygen is enough to significantly enhance muscle performance and endurance.

MagnaField® and MagnaField® Mini increase the uptake of oxygen by muscles and also increase circulation, further helping tissues get the nutrition and oxygen they need, while expelling the waste they produce. 

The established health benefits of include improved:

Body Detoxification

Nutrient Uptake

Acupuncture Meridians

Inflammation Reduction

Accelerated Healing


Oxygen Uptake

Stamina & Endurance

Cell Regeneration & Function

Muscle Tension Reduction

Immune System & Sleep

What are the benefits of PEMF?

Relief From All Forms Of Pain

Improved Health & Vitality

Increased Energy Levels

Improved Sleep & Recovery