Dr. Laurie Trapp

“I suffered a bad tibia plateau fracture while mountain biking in early August 2016. I also had cartilage damage from the accident – a quarter-sized flap of cartilage lifted up off of the tibia surface at the knee (this was over the area that was smashed). My surgeon used a plate and 6 screws, along with cement, to fix it. He said from the beginning that he had never taken hardware out before 8 months of healing. I used the MagnaField® Mini faithfully as much as I could every day (just strapped it onto my leg and left it on 24/7). I had my x-rays and check-ups monthly, and in November my surgeon told me “I can’t believe I am saying this, but you can have your hardware out in December, your leg looks THAT good!” My hardware was removed in mid-December 2016, at 4 months, and I have returned to all of my previous activities with no restrictions (at a point when most patients are just barely walking again). This rapid recovery was such a blessing to me – I am a chiropractor, and it is such a physical job! But this was the best news of all – when I had my December surgery to remove the hardware, my doctor got a good look at everything. He saw that the loose flap of cartilage had reattached itself and was perfectly healthy – a miracle in itself!”

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