Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy uses technology to stimulate cells to help resolve cellular dysfunction.

Dr Grace’s Theory was that if all cells became healthy, the whole body would follow.

History of PEMF

Whilst Magnacares® has perfected and improved the way it is implemented, the idea of Magnetic Therapy is not a modern invention. The therapy was first used throughout history by the ancient Egyptians, Ancient Chinese, and Ancient Greeks. In 1773, Franz Mesmer began experimenting with using magnets for healing. 

Throughout history, many people have tried to improve this tried and tested method which soon led to the invention of EMF. Electromagnetic field (EMF) is the combination of an electric field and a magnetic field, which is a large development from the ancient Egyptians remedy!

When an EMF is made, it will change the behaviour of all other charged objects within the vicinity of the field; this applies to cells, and can therefore affect cellular signalling. It has been confirmed through scientific experiments both new and old that cells and tissues (which includes blood, muscles ligaments, bone, cartilage and more) will respond to magnetic, electric, and electromagnetic fields. These experiments and discoveries led to the invention of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. 

Whilst a static magnetic field is unable to effectively penetrate human tissues, a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) has to ability to enter through every cell, tissue, organ and bone – which makes it an effective device for the whole body. It’s dynamic and applicable nature can then create several effects all over the body. 


What is PEMF?

PEMF has the ability to perfectly imitate the earth’s gravitational field. When the Hz are varied, we can intensify and increase the positive effects gained from the electromagnetic field – meaning we can then recharge cells for the purpose of better health and wellness. This will then be able to inspire a happier and healthier body. 

PEMF gives the user a completely safe and non-invasive treatment that can help to increase healing, recovery, immunity and circulation, whilst lower the risk of inflammation, toxicity and pain. 

How does PEMF work?

The healthy nature of the cells is fully reliant on the health of the body. Every organ and tissue in the human body is made up of cells. This means that cellularly, humans are cellular beings. There are trillions of cells constantly in contact with each other at speeds faster than light. This creates and causes over 400 billion reactions in your body each second.

If these reactions are to occur in a successful manner, the body must have fully energized cells and these cells must be ready to carry out their roles in the body. The steps of PEMF can be explained simply by envisioning the body’s cells as small batteries that are constantly in use to ensure we remain healthy throughout the day. However, similarly to a battery, these cells slowly run out of energy, which can impact performance levels and cause potential issues. If our cells are batteries, this would make the PEMF device very much like the battery chargers used to jump-start our cells back into action to give the body a a replenishing feeling.

In short, a human body is a battery, and like any battery, it can run low on voltage, and that’s when we start to see issues.

PEMF re-energises our body on a cellular level: invigorates our body back into action, therefore providing solutions to our health and wellness problems.

Why choose Magnacares® PEMF devices?

Between the waveforms and harmonics used in the frequencies of the MagnaField and MagnaField® Mini devices, there are many factors that separate them from all other PEMF devices available in Australia. 

There is vigorous research and development that goes into every Magnacare® device from our manufacturing in the UK. Our patent-designed technology guarantees that they are highly effective and unique to each user. You should feel good about the PEMF devices you’re using on a regular basis, so they ensure that every frequency provides you with a unique experience filled with numerous positive effects. This helps our fellow Australians start to lead a healthier, happier life free from pain, insomnia, and above all – being able to spend much more quality time with those you love most. 

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Why Magnacares®?

Our patented-designed PEMF devices give you the power to heal naturally.

Giving you a healthier life without pain, without insomnia & most importantly, more time with your loved ones.

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