Anna Wes

I have to share this.

I have a symptoms of Covid-19.

It started few days ago with mild muscles pain, typical flu symptoms.
On Monday I started coughing.
Mild cough continues to the next day. I get really scared, because I also felt a mild pain in my chest, probably as an effect of cough.
I knew if the cough get worse, it can lead to pneumonia. And this scenario scared me the most.

So, straight away I did set up MagnaField® Mini on 0.5, and put it on my chest, with hope the cough will not get worse. Haven’t been removed it since, even for a second.
Yesterday I woke up with another symptom of Covid-19, high fever over 39°C, and still coughing from time to time.
Now is Thursday evening, I am still dealing with fever, not that high as yesterday, and muscle pain, but….the cough almost disappeared.
I wasn’t coughing last night and during the day, I been coughing very mildly maybe twice before midday. Since then no sign of cough at all.
I truely believe thanks to the machine.

It may even save my life, by stopping the cough, and not getting worse.

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