Bill neill

In February 2019 I started experiencing episodes of shortness of breath (having to take extra deep breaths every now and then) raised heart rate dizziness weak at the knees feeling like I was going to pass out this happened several times so I went to A&E I was given an X-ray and told I had what looked like a small amount of fluid on my right lung I was given antibiotics and sent home the episodes persisted beyond the course of antibiotics so I went back to hospital again they gave me more X-Rays and I was told they could see something on the right lung lowdown and referred me for a CT Scan June 2019 which revealed Pulmonary Nodules because they were very small and localised I was told they would wait 12 months to see if they developed.

I have had a MagnaField® Mini since 2015 I used to wear it a bit hit and miss up to this point but following this diagnosis I started wearing it on my chest 24/7 I noticed the breathing and fainting episodes went from 1-2 a week to every 10 days and then a month apart finally the last one was Oct 2019.

I went back for a second scan 12 moths later July 2020 I was told by the Consultant he could see no change with the Pulmonary Nodules from the previous CT Scan and that with Cancer we would have expected to see some change so I am happy to discharge you and I will send a letter to that effect to your GP.

I believe the MagnaField® Mini is the reason my symptoms did not get any worse and subsequently cleared up.

In Summer 2020 I noticed two moles appear one on each shoulder they were very dark in appearance I sent images to my GP (as COVID restrictions prevented me getting an appointment) the reply was they don’t look like anything to worry about but we will put you on the Mole Check list anyway.

I never got an appointment for a mole check however in the meantime one has gone completely and the other one is getting lighter in colour and reducing in size again I believe due to me wearing the MagnaField® Mini 24/7 on my chest.

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