April Steiner Bennett

April Steiner Bennett is a 26-year-old U.S. Olympic Pole Vaulter. She competed in the Beijing Olympic Games 8th august – 24th 2008. She was referred to Magnacare Health Group by her physiotherapist Dr. Laurie Trapp in October 2016 after suffering from a stress fracture of the right tibia which 12 months of regular medical treatment had failed to heal. The concern was that the fracture was increasing in size and would eventually lead to a break. A collection of X-ray images (pictured above) show evidence of bone growth after only a few months of PEMF therapy.

“The MagnaField® Mini should be called magic pulse! With x-ray documentation on my tibia showing the stress fracture, in October, had now turned into an inflamed crack/separation in the bone, my personal trainer was really concerned that I was weeks away from a broken leg. I found Magnacare Health Group and Professor Michael clark and a couple weeks after that started using it. 5 weeks later, the crack was filling in! I thought my mind was playing tricks, knowing how badly I was praying that I had found the right healing element. But it was not, and 12 weeks from day one of MagnaField® Mini, it’s almost unrecognizable on an x-ray!”

“I am incredibly grateful for this biomedical technology! There is no doubt in my mind, without Magnacare, I would still have a crack in the tibia, be seeking surgery and never be able to run, jump and bounce around in the same capacity again. It has given me hope for maybe another olympic trial but more, it is a tool I will have in my back pocket for any ailments I might encounter in my life.”

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