Mehmet Bekir

Follow-up Care

Healing time advised verbally to be 3 months, refrain from work. Hand therapy required, weekly attendance back at hospital for therapy and review. Arm to be in support cast and bandage. Self massage x 3 times per day

“Following an accident at work, where a shop front glass fell on and lacerated my forearm, I was quickly taken to the hospital, at around 1am. At time of admission, I had lost blood and could no longer feel two of my fingers. I underwent surgery, which I believe was around 3 hours in total to repair ligaments, remove glass and stitch back.
I was discharged from hospital the next day with extensive follow up arranged and the recommendation that I stay off of work for 3 months.

I am a self-employed locksmith so was desperate to get back to work. I have great faith in my Magnacare products and so placed the Magna-pulse on my cast, where it remained all the time, day and night. I also used the Magna-field under my bed at night. Both Magna-care products were on setting number 8; advised as the best setting for this type of healing, but much to the joy of my wife, also energising!

When I returned to the hospital for my follow up the next week, there was not much change although I could feel the wound itching quite a lot.

I was told that I would have my stitches removed in another month or so, however, when I attended my next appointment, only 10 days after surgery, my stitches were removed. At this point the NHS staff were impressed and very surprised asking questions about how I had healed so quickly. They also called senior professional colleagues to look at my wound and how it was healing super-fast. I took the opportunity to introduce the Magna-care devices to them, of which they took great interest in; jotting down the name. I now only see the senior practitioner who would like to keep monitoring me. Their only reservation was that although the wound had healed very nicely on the outside, they obviously could not see what was going on inside. However, the fact that I was now able to move all fingers was a massive improvement, compared with when I was admitted to and discharged from hospital.

I am aware that everyone heals at different rates and there are a number of factors to consider, however, I think the timelines speak for themselves. I personally am not too healthy an eater when left up to me but my wife ensures what she gives me is as healthy as can be, minimising on dairy and wheat, or as much as I will allow.

One month on and the wound is still sore and if I do too much, I must take a rest. However, one month to the day and I am back at work – that’s a whole 2 months ahead of schedule!!!”

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