Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Device Reviews & Research

PEMF devices increase circulation, decrease inflammation, accelerate bone healing, and improve blood oxygenation. 

We’re going to discuss the latest research on PEMF treatments, PEMF device reviews, how they work, and how to use PEMF to alleviate discomfort. 

What are PEMF Devices?

A Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) device functions on pulsed electromagnetic frequency technology to implement the maximum magnetic field that decreases discomfort.

The benefits and effects of PEMF therapy sessions based on clinical research are the following:

  • Decreases stress and inflammation
  • Heightens the compression and expansion of cells
  • Sustaining the body’s inherent magnetic field
  • Detoxification and recovery of damaged cells
  • Promote muscle capacity, bone healing, and rehabilitates bones and tendons
  • Mends flow of blood oxygen and nutrients to cells producing in conquering edema

Different PEMF systems are applied through an electrical current that runs through a copper coil and generates a magnetic field. 

One either uses a PEMF mat which can only be used three times a day due intensity of the frequencies.  

The electromagnetic pulse will access the body pinpointing the muscle tissue, bones, and even cells, giving you plenty of health benefits in the treatment.

Reviews of These Therapy Units


athleteResearch suggests that pulsed electromagnetic field treatment increases the organic restoration and wellness of cells.

PEMF therapy uses natural electromagnetic pulsations to rebuild cells at the molecular state, based on research.

Ice can subdue exterior swelling, but the PEMF therapy spreads through the body, optimizing the tissue’s overall state.

Research suggests that athletes perform at top execution levels, lessening the likelihood of trauma with the help of PEMF therapy.

Athletic accomplishment depends on bodies operating in peak shapes. PEMF therapy primes tissues for accelerated regeneration. PEMF therapy enables players to perform better and be at their peak for the session.

Depending on the competitor you are, using PEMF devices gives you pain relief to help you crush your personal best or overcome day-to-day soreness for faster recovery time.

The effectiveness of PEMF therapy depends on your present conditions and how long your sessions are. 

Medical Practitioners

medicalPeople usually ask medical professionals for complementary PEMF therapy.

Research states that personal care involves water,  vitamins, minerals, working out, and a healthy diet. These practices strengthen your immune system to prevent illnesses.

On the other hand, research also suggests that stress, inadequate exercise, and unhealthy diets exhaust the energy surplus of cells, so they no longer work efficiently, as a result, you’ll experience dwindling performance and other health conditions. 

You can prevent these health problems by taking advantage of the positive effects and health benefits of the best PEMF devices.

Cell function needs to be renewed to properly recover the body, which PEMF systems can help, as stated in research studies.

With regular use, based on research, PEMF therapy enables the body to rejuvenate cells and recover from diseases at low and high intensities. 


elderlyAs we mature, our bodies begin to slow down, cramps and pains grow more persistent, and getting out of bed becomes harder to accomplish.

While pharmaceutical treatments help relieve the symptoms of old age, you can also seek alternative solutions along with a doctor’s advice, such as PEMF therapy. This knowledge is crucial as you try to maintain good health. 

As per research, PEMF treatment influences your body at a cellular level by imparting energy surges to painful regions, triggering restoration for a positive impact on your body. 

It helps your tissues and limbs relax, giving you pain relief. As you become older, your cell starts to age as well. 

You can use PEMF therapy to slow down the signs of aging. Moreover, using a low-intensity system relieves back pain as well based on clinical trials and clinical research.

You must do your research on PEMF therapy and its benefits for a more informed buying decision.

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Cancer Patients

cancer patientsBased on research, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is reliable, non-intrusive, and non-toxic to healthy cells.

In addition, PEMF therapy has been used to aid in building cell layers, making the therapy an effective treatment method. 

A research study shows that using a PEMF device is advantageous for numerous cancer types. (1)

Patients with Chronic Diseases

chrronicAs per clinical research, the persistent discomfort from recurring diseases compromises your lifestyle, which may drive you to distress, sleep disorders, and depression.

PEMF systems, based on research, relieve patients with chronic diseases by enhancing the contraction and expansion of cells, blood circulation, and reducing stress and inflammation. 

As a result, the PEMF device promotes pain relief. 

Unlike analgesics, pulsed electromagnetic fields don’t have adverse side effects, making the effects of PEMF therapy more desirable. 

About Our PEMF Devices


magnafield-1MagnaField® delivers 11 variable-frequencies from 0.5Hz – 18Hz with low-power and multiple-form pulsations. The pulsed electromagnetic field device connects to a contained magnetic coil that generates the waveforms.

The coil can be comfortably situated or positioned within the desired location. For maximum benefit the disc is placed on the floor in the centre of the bed to regenerate our cells while we are sleeping.   The device has a 20 minute on/off cycle so as not to cause fatigue.  In this regard the device can be used constantly.  

The MagnaField® is one of the best PEMF machines as its electromagnetic forces operate together with a collection of particular harmonics carried through the body. 

MagnaField® Mini

The MagnaField® Mini is a portable PEMF device that delivers four ultra-low frequencies, magnetic strength within the range 0.5Hz and 16Hz. 

These PEMF therapy devices have a moderate power production with a five minute on/off cycle, to obtain maximum benefit without causing fatigue and in this regard can be used constantly.

The MagnaField® Mini tempers and restrains pain signal release rather than barring pain while supporting cell renewal and recovery. 

The use of this PEMF device is intensified by the characteristics and effectiveness of the specially pulsed energy fields. Moreover, the MagnaField® Mini is a Class II Medical Device authorized by the FDA.

Client Testimonials

“I am especially thankful for this biomedical advancement!” – Elizabeth Webb.

“This speedy restoration was such a blessing to me.” – Dr. Laurie Trapp.

“I obtained a MagnaField® Mini 7 years ago and have applied it to keep my blood in great shape.” – Joy Warren.

“I have high confidence in my Magnacare devices.” – Mehmet Bekir.

“My wife and I both believe this has assisted with the remedial process.” – Peter Renvoize.


Are PEMF Devices safe?

Yes, PEMF devices are safe. Research states that this therapy has no known side effects even at a high intensity. (2)

Should You Start Using a PEMF Device?

Yes. If you experience pain or discomfort from a fresh injury, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy works well for cell regeneration. 

PEMF therapy is a non-drug method of pain alleviation. What’s more, it has never been linked with any unfavourable side effects, based on research.

We also recommend our devices for healthy individuals who wish to slow down the aging process.    

If you want to explore your options, you may contact us here.


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  • Manufactured in the UK
  • 3 year warranty
  • Easy mode selection
  • European Standard (CE) 93/465/EEC, Class IIb Medical Device


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