Joy Warren

I purchased a MagnaField® Mini 7 years ago and have used it to keep my blood in good condition.

This July 2020, I had the need to use it to prevent pain and to hasten healing. I have a gall stone which hurts occasionally, particularly if I eat a meal containing fat. The pain starts at 4am and lasts for 2-3 hours. I normally get up to make a cup of chamomile and nettle leaf tea which acts reasonably quickly.
This time, however, I decided to try the MagnaField® Mini on a setting of 16 Hz which is intended to deal with acute pain. After two periods of 16Hz interspersed with two periods of 0Hz, I changed the setting to 8Hz. After a few active periods at 8Hz, the pain ceased.
A week later, having unwisely had deep fried prawn balls for evening dinner, I again awoke at 4am due to gall bladder pain. This time, there was no hesitation: a setting of 16Hz over 20 minutes followed by a setting of 8Hz which had the effect of stopping the pain.

In August 2020, I used the MagnaField® Mini for another reason: I tore a calf muscle (gastrocnemius) when digging on my allotment. I’ve been told that it normally takes 4 weeks for the muscle to completely mend. However, for two weeks at night, I inserted the MagnaField® Mini, set at 16Hz under the strapping bandage, with the setting reduced to 8Hz after 20 minutes.
The muscle completely healed within 2½ weeks.

It would be interesting to learn if other owners of the MagnaField® Mini have had similar results.

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