Dimensions of Frequency Box20cm x 16cm x 7cm
Dimensions of Field producing Disc25cm x 3cm
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0.5Hz – 4Hz
Sedating, relaxing and calming effect; assists with deeper sleep. Reduction of bruising and bleeding. Lymph drainage (micromuscular movement), 3Hz 0r 1Hz is most efficient for temporary pain relief.


0.5Hz – 1Hz
Temporary pain relief. Reported mitosis reduction or inhibition of rogue cell activity, oxygen absorption. Balancing sodium potassium cellular exchange which can lead to improved neurological signalling.


Promotes phagocyte and T-cell production. Reported stimulation of the immune system (Thymus).


Can assist lymph drainage; also promotes sleep where 0.5Hz is insufficient.


Pain modulation for intense pain for temporary relief.


Increased DNA synthesis; cellular signalling; repair and healing.


Muscle tissue repair; muscle tone; nerve regeneration. Stimulation of ATP production. Recharging and balancing of ionic and cell membrane potentials.


General re-balancing of cellular activity; improved oxygen uptake; assists liver function.


Can assist in peripheral circulation; increased blood flow through vascular relaxation; more oxygen and nutrients available.


Increased metabolic rate; pre-sport or pre-exercise (for generally healthy people)

1. Turn the rear panel ON/OFF switch to ON.

2. The front control panel will light up and sound a ‘beep’.

3. Should the disc be damaged or incorrectly plugged in the panel will display ‘PLUG’ check the rear aerial connector to make sure it is fully inserted and locked.

4. Activate the ‘Repeat’ button for continuous use (this is preferable throughout the night at a frequency of your choice).

5. Select the desired frequency (0.5Hz is default).

6. Press the ‘Start’ button to begin the 20 – minute treatment period.

7. If ‘Repeat’ button has been selected the unit will treat using a 20 minute ON and 20 minute OFF cycle without causing fatigue.

8. To turn the unit off press the ‘Start’ button again and then isolate by turning the rear panel switch to the OFF position followed by the wall plug (the Magnafield uses minimal energy output and it is preferable to keep it ON 24/7 for maximum benefit).

9. If there is a power cut the Magnafield will need to be restarted by pressing the Start and Repeat button.

Sound Alerts
- Single Low Tone: Power On
- Single Medium Tone: Frequency change, time setting change, Repeat/Start/Stop/Pause
- Two Low Tones: Incorrect key pressed. Function not available under current conditions.

It is desirable to have multiple applications. MagnaField® MF2200 will do this automatically. Simply select the desired frequency, then select REPEAT on the timer display. Upon pressing the START button the MagnaField® will automatically operate for 20 minutes (the timer display will count down), pause for 20 minutes, (during which the display will show ‘0’ minutes and ‘REPEAT’) and then operate again for 20 minutes. This will repeat indefinitely until the unit is stopped.

The MagnaField® MF2200 has the unique feature of the AUTO CYCLIC FUNCTION which is designed to facilitate the healing process. When this function is selected the unit is programmed to automatically operate through a range of frequencies (2, 4, 8 and 12Hz) in 5 minute cycles. These frequencies, in conjunction with harmonics systematically activate lymphatic drainage, stimulate ATP production (energy supply), normalise cell membrane potential so that proper exchange of nutrients and waste materials can occur and then stimulate blood flow to supply nutrients and oxygen to the site. This combination of frequencies optimises the effects of the MagnaField® MF2200 to promote healthy cellular activity.



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The MagnaField® is a full-body Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy Device that offers variable frequencies, combined with low power and multiple pulses. This device attaches to an enclosed magnetic coil that can be placed under a bed where two people can benefit from the full-body coverage.

MagnaField® Features

Variable frequencies between 0.5Hz and 18Hz

Schumann Frequency

Alternative Positive/Negative Pulsing (Negative Bias)

European Standard (CE) 93/465/EEC, Class IIb Medical Device

All round 2 metre field coverage

11 Variable Frequencies between 0.5Hz and 18Hz

Easy mode selection

Repeat mode for continual treatment

3 year warranty

The MagnaField® is suitable for both human and animal use.

Manufactured in the UK

MagnaField® is our premier full-body PEMF therapy device. MagnaField® offers variable-frequencies, combined with low-power and multiple-form pulses. This device attaches to an enclosed magnetic coil, that produces the waveforms. The disc can be conveniently placed or mounted within the desired space and anyone or any animal can benefit from its full-body coverage, replacing the need for external applicators or a ‘full-body mat’. The MagnaField® oscillating electromagnetic forces work in conjunction with a group of specific harmonics which are introduced through the body, influencing nerve and other cell tissues to changing electrical potentials.
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