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Weight 128 g
Dimensions 106 × 60 × 23 mm
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0.5 Hz
Low Delta Frequency. This frequency assists the re-entrainment of normal brain and neurological signals and regenerates cell activity. It is often used to reduce anxiety, metabolic over activity and insomnia. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is always the recommended starting level.


4 Hz
A higher Delta frequency. Many users and practitioners have commented that this setting assists with the relaxation and a good night’s sleep’. It may also help ease some stressful and painful conditions (temporary relief).


8 Hz
The Schumann Frequency. This setting has a soothing effect on tired and sore muscles. It also promotes healing of damaged tissue and may assist in the relief of aches and pains. It is considered the best setting for everyday use to assist the body’s own detox mechanisms and maintain fitness and is an Alpha frequency that mimics the Earth’s own frequency.
This is the frequency which is the most beneficial as a setting during long-haul flights.


16 Hz
The Beta Frequency. Most users report a sense of balance and freshness at this setting, even after travel, late nights and exercise. This setting enhances blood flow and circulation making it a perfect pre-exercise boost. Many report it as the fastest setting for pain relief. It is recommended for short-term use (20 minutes), alternating with the 8Hz setting which is recommended for longer periods


1. This unit uses 2 x 1.5V alkaline batteries (AA). Add batteries by opening the battery compartment that can be found on the back case of the device. When exhausted, replace with two of the same type, paying particular attention to the correct polarity alignment as shown within the battery compartment.


2. The control panel has one multi-function button and 6 indicator LEDs. Refer to the diagram on page 7.


3. The ON/OFF/SELECT switch controls both the power to turn the device ON and OFF and also selects the desired frequency. A single press will activate the unit. One of the LEDs will light up for approximately 2 seconds (the default setting is 0.5Hz or the last setting that was used) after which the positive (+) and negative (-) pulse indicators will begin to flash alternately.


4. To change the frequency, press the ON/OFF/SELECT button twice in quick succession. The next frequency will light up for 2 seconds before it is activated. To move between frequency, press the ON/OFF/SELECT button once before the 2 second activation starts.


5. The unit will operate at the selected frequency for 5 minutes ON and 5 minutes OFF automatically repeating that cycle until switched off. To turn the unit OFF press the ON/OFF/SELECT button once.


6. There are four frequency settings: 0.5Hz, 4Hz, 8Hz, 16Hz


7. While in pause mode only the currently selected LED will flash.


8. If the batteries are too low to operate the unit the LEDs will not flash. Replace with batteries of the same type.



The MagnaField® Mini is a Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy Device that produces ultra-low frequency, magnetic energy within the range 0.5Hz and 16Hz. It has a low power output to achieve faster pain relief without the body becoming accustomed or fatigued which often occurs with higher-frequency devices.

The MagnaField® Mini modulates and inhibits pain signal transmission rather than just blocking pain, whilst assisting cell regeneration and healing. This is enhanced by the normalisation properties of the specifically pulsed energy fields.

The MagnaField® Mini is a Class II Medical Device approved by the FDA.

MagnaField® Mini Features:

4 Variable Frequencies 0.5Hz, 4Hz, 8Hz, 16Hz

Schumann Frequency

European Standard (CE) 93/465/EEC, Class IIb Medical Device

Effective local treatment and pain control

Safe to use and non invasive

Single button operation, simple to use

Lightweight (128g) and portable

Dimensions 106mm x 60mm x 23mm

Battery operated (2 x 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries)

3 year warranty

The MagnaField® Mini is suitable for both human and animal use.

Manufactured in the UK

Using the MagnaField® Mini:

The MagnaField® Mini is compact and lightweight, and is carried on the body (for example around your waist because 70% of our immunity is in the gut).

The MagnaField® Mini device has a range up to 20cm (8 inches). Best placed directly on the area treated.

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy improves cellular function by increasing energy throughout the body and aids in the revitalisation of your immune system, whilst reducing pain and inflammation. The MagnaField® Mini utilizes the 4 most often used frequencies of its bigger brother the Magnafield®. All 4 frequencies promote tissue repair and there are no known or reported side effects.

The MagnaField® Mini produces ultra low-frequency, magnetic energy (within the range 0.5Hz and 16Hz) at very low-power output to achieve faster pain relief without the body getting used to, or becoming fatigued from the treatment, which can often occur with other manufacturers’ devices programmed to provide higher frequencies. The MagnaField® Mini modulates and inhibits pain signal transmission rather than just ‘blocking’ the pain, while assisting cell regeneration and healing. This is enhanced by the normalisation properties of the specifically pulsed energy fields.
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