PEMF therapy uses technology to stimulate cells to help restore cellular dysfunction.

Dr Grace’s Theory was that if all cells became healthy, the whole body would follow.

History of PEMF

The concept of Magnetic Therapy is no modern discovery. The therapy was popularly used throughout history by the ancient Egyptians, Ancient Chinese, and Ancient Greeks. In 1773, Franz Mesmer began experimenting with using magnets for healing. 

Over the years, there have been many attempts and ways to improve of this tried and tested method which eventually led to EMF. Electromagnetic field (EMF) is the ultimation of an electric field and a magnetic field, which is a large progression from the ancient Egyptians remedy. 

When an EMF is created, it will affect and alter the behaviour of all other charged objects within the vicinity of the field; this includes cells, and can therefore alter cellular signalling. It has been confirmed through scientific experiments that cells and tissues (which includes blood, muscles ligaments, bone, cartilage and more) will respond to magnetic, electric, and electromagnetic fields. These experiments and discoveries led to the invention of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field.

Whereas with a static magnetic field, which is unable to deploy penetrate human tissues, a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) can infiltrate through every cell, tissue, organ and bone – therefore making it an effective device for the whole body. Its dynamic nature can then create several effects within the body. 


What is PEMF

PEMF is able to effectively mimic the earth’s gravitational field. When the Hz is varied, we can intensify and optimize the positive effects gained from the electromagnetic field and then recharge cells to promote health and wellness, leading to a happier and healthier body. 

PEMF provides and a completely safe and non-invasive treatment that can help to increase healing, recovery, immunity, circulation and simultaneously reduce inflammation, toxicity and pain. 

How does PEMF work?

The health of the cells is completely dependent on the health of the body. All of the organs and tissues in the human body are made up of cells. On an atomic level, humans are essentially are cellular beings. There are trillions of cells constantly and intellectually communicating with each other at speeds faster than light, creating and causing over 400 billion reactions in your body each second.

In order for these reactions to occur successfully, our body’s cells must be fully energized and readily available to carry out their tasks. The process of PEMF can be easily explained by imagining our cells like incredibly small battery cells, constantly going around to guarantee we remain healthy at all times. Although, much like any battery, as time goes by they will slowly run out of charge. This will then lead to a lower level of performance which could then lead to potential issues. If our cells are like batteries, then that would make PEMF devices the battery chargers used to jump-start our cells back into action to give the body a feeling of replenishment.

In short, a human body is a battery, and like any battery, it can run low on voltage, and that’s when we start to see issues.

PEMF re-energises our body on a cellular level: invigorates our body back into action, therefore providing solutions to our health and wellness problems.

Why choose Magnacares® PEMF devices?

Between the waveforms and harmonics used in the frequencies of the MagnaField and MagnaField® Mini devices, there are a considerable amount of differences that set them apart from all other PEMF devices available in Canada. 

Every MagnaCare® device is constructed with patented-designed technology and have had extensive and detailed research and testing to ensure they are effective to the user provide a unique experience in their nature. This benefit is effectively in making sure that every frequency will have different and numerous positive effects on your cells – allowing you to feel good about the PEMF devices you’re regularly using. 

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* Both PEMF devices have a range of effectiveness. Please review product for more details

Why Magnacares®?

Our patented-designed PEMF devices, which are manufactured in the UK, give our global customers, including the Canadian market, the power to heal naturally.

This helps our fellow Canadians to lead a healthier life without pain, insomnia and above all, letting you spend more time with your loved ones. 

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