On the 27th March 2013, the Arabian stallion known as Khalifa returned to the Seer Al Salam stables in Dubai to continue his endurance training. Khalifa is the horse that was reported on in the Alliance for Natural Health online newsletter. At the time he was suffering from the condition known as equine sarcoids. This condition has debilitating effects on horses and it is notoriously difficult to treat. Treatment usually involves topical application of chemotherapy ointments, lancing and the use of ligatures. While temporary relief is almost always obtained the inevitability is that the sarcoids return and the owner or stables have to repeat the cycle which is damaging to the animals health. When Khalifa first started the PEMF therapy it was agreed that no dietary changes were to be made or medicines used during the proposed 12 month trial period and that only the Magnafield PEMF unit was to be used and although anecdotal the success of the treatment stands as testament to alternative healing modalitie