The beautiful and rare Suffolk Punch mare Summer was bitten by an Adder whilst in her paddock. The bite caused extreme pain and calcification of the bite and immediate surrounding area. Incredibly, the calcification usually manifests itself on the surface affecting cells outwardly but on this occasion the calcification grew inwardly causing pain and soreness. The examining vet pronounced Summer 90% lame in the leg that was bitten. Apart from using oils to help soften the calcification the only other treatment used was a Magnafield set at 0.5Hz. Summer’s owner, Heather recently wrote the following:

“Good news, Glen, my old gelding, is now sound enough to plough as he has stood next to Summer and the unit for quite some time. Summer is all fine and back into full time employment. The unit is the only thing that has repaired her. Truly amazing. THANK YOU!”