What Benefits Do I Get From Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy?

Cells are much like batteries, which is why your mind and body feel tired and depleted at the end of the day. PEMF treatment provides cellular and tissue regeneration without an invasive procedure.                  

Interested in learning more about PEMF therapy benefits? Here are the basics and a list of the top health perks. 

What’s PEMF Therapy?

magnapulse-2PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. This therapy makes use of technology to stimulate and exercise cells to resolve cellular dysfunction.

It emits electromagnetic waves at low frequencies to stimulate and enhance your body’s natural recovery process and treat health problems.

The waves created by PEMF units happen in brief bursts and are low in frequency, like the waves in nature. 

It enhances your mood, improves your flexibility, reduces your recovery time from injuries, and increases your strength and endurance. Patients also use PEMF therapy to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation. 

Does It Work?

Yes. PEMF devices send this magnetic electric current and energy waves into the body’s natural magnetic field, meaning it enhances healing, recovering, and treating underlying health conditions.

The electromagnetic fields of PEMF increase the motion of the electrolytes and ions. These are the fluids found in your body.

It stimulates your chemical, mechanical, and electric actions in the soft tissue. It can naturally influence electrical changes on a cellular level within your cell’s metabolism to promote health and wellness, increase your cellular energy, and promote an anti-aging beneficial effect.

The method is completely safe and effective as over 7,000 studies and clinical trials prove its safety.

10 Essential Health Benefits of PEMF Therapy

1. Improved Circulatory System

circulatory system One of the benefits of PEMF therapy is contributing to a better circulatory system. Having improved circulation allows your body to deliver nutrients where they are needed. 

It repairs molecules, increases oxygen, eliminates waste, and stimulates the growth factor.

Dilation is essential for healthy cells and circulation because when the vessels are wider, the blood flows more smoothly. When the blood vessels are healthy, they can produce nitric oxide better, helping poor circulation.

2. Better Immune System

PEMF therapy helps your immune system by enhancing oxygenation. It improves the energy of your body to recuperate. As a result, it enhances your metabolic functions better.

PEMF therapy works to reduce hypoxia-induced cellular death. Symptoms of hypoxia include cough, shortness of breath, and rapid breathing.

PEMF also increases the voltage of cells, raising the pH and providing an unsuitable environment for viruses, bacteria, and parasites to take hold.

3. Enhanced Cell Repair

It relieves your post-op, neck, foot, and arthritis pain as it enhances cell repair. The nerves, cartilage, spinal fluid, bones, and muscles rely on your symphony of dancing ions.

Using PEMFs activates the electrically charged particles in methods that turn off the inflammation and turn ON cell repair. As a result, it delivers quicker natural healing processes and pain relief.

It even improves levels of Human Growth Hormone, positively impacting everything from the youthfulness of your skin to increased sex drive and muscle growth.

4. Relaxed Muscles

relaxed musclesPEMF technology charges the cells in your muscles, allowing them to work harder and longer. With PEMF, the muscles contract, relax, and recover better from the tensions and spasms.

If performed regularly, this therapy allows the muscles to work harder and recover rapidly, releasing muscle tension. 

PEMF also enhances energy production in muscles to increase cell energy. It helps decompress joints and contractures to free your muscles from excessive pressure.                             

5. Increased Tissue Oxygenation

PEMFs are a non-invasive tool that enhances microcirculation and muscle tissue oxygenation. Improved oxygenation has a modulatory influence on the microvasculature of the human body. 

PEMF improves the production of adenosine triphosphate. It upsurges oxygen and nutrient absorption of your body at the optimal level.

Magnetic therapy has an acute effect on muscle oxygenation. Its therapeutic use positively impacts your pulmonary oxygen kinetics during exercise. (1)

Having increased oxygenation maximizes your performance as it increases your blood flow. When there’s an upsurge of available oxygen through blood flow, your muscles have more energy to use. You’ll also experience less fatigue. 

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6. Better Sleep

sleepLife is a delicate balance of activity and rest.

PEMF improves your sleep as it re-tunes the brain for maximum efficiency.

The pulsed electromagnetic field therapy gives you better sleep through the process called brainwave entrainment.


PEMF has an anti-inflammatory effect when applied to painful conditions and limits factors involved in pain and inflammation with some referring to it as the “pocket painkiller.” It is a very useful tool for long-term painful conditions where continuous use of painkillers can result in serious side effects.

Not only will PEMF help symptomatically reduce pain through the effect on neural pathways, but it will also be working on healing the underlying cause.

PEMF reduces pain and swelling after plastic surgery. It shows that PEMF helps in bone healing tibial fractures, reducing chronic pain conditions and fibromyalgia.

There are animal studies that show the potential of PEMF therapy to help regenerate the nerve fibers in the spinal cord and the peripheral nerves.

Using PEMF therapy has improved the pain and functional performance in patients with arthritis, and it works to stimulate natural healing.

8. Decreased Swelling & Inflammation

PEMF therapy treats the cellular source of swelling improved oxygenation as it recharges the cells with pulsed electromagnetic fields. 

It stops the release of pain and the inflammatory mediators, reducing the inflammatory fluids and enabling an increased blood flow, meaning it increases oxygen intake. 

It assists the body’s ability to heal faster with lesser swelling, pain, and chronic illness.

9. Better Emotional Health


PEMF has been shown to significantly lower cortisol levels and create a balance in autonomic functions.

Cortisol is the primary hormone responsible for stress response and plays havoc in the body. The use of PEMF therapy will reset a body back to the earth pulse of healing and relaxation.

Due to anti-aging properties, it reduces memory loss, enhances creativity and improves neuroplasticity delivering better focus, and promotes a longer attention span.

Transcranial PEMF therapy has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of severe depression.

PEMF therapy relaxes your mind and body, facilitating releasing two hormones called Melatonin and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that improve health concerns.

PEMF stimulation may be used to enhance meditative practice by improving gamma activity, and while doing so, you can improve other benefits of gamma activity in your brain.

10. Increased Metabolism

PEMF increases metabolism as it stimulates the cell’s mitochondria, enabling them to regenerate the damaged cells faster. You’ll experience a faster natural healing process. 

Regular use increases metabolism and promotes energy and weight loss. 

While it’s true that cellular metabolism is different from metabolic rate, it does involve energy production, cell regeneration, and proper cellular function. 

In the study of the Journal of Applied Psychology, PEMF machines increase the flow in the blood in the brown fat tissues of the mice, which triggered energy consumption and calorie-burning, meaning it may help reduce white tissues. 

While the research in the Journal of Applied Psychology hasn’t been done in humans, it suggests that flow and circulation play a big role in fat burning, and ultimately, weight loss. 

It generally improves your health status, making you feel at your best. It means you’ll stay active for longer, giving you the energy to exercise and maintain a healthy weight. 


How often can you use PEMF therapy?

Many PEMF devices on the market use high Hertz levels and are designed for short use (8-15 minutes max) Magnacares advocates the use of lower frequency units which mimic magnetic frequencies found in nature of between 0.5 to 18hz.

Magnacares FDA approved devices, manufactured in the UK and exported around the world are designed for continuous use and can be worn directly next to problem areas (MagnaField® Mini) or installed in the bedroom (MagnaField) delivering gentle but effective levels of PEMF as you sleep.

The Magnafield can treat two people simultaneously, covering the area of a double bed. The MagnaField operates a 20 minute on/off duty cycle and the MagnaField® Mini a 5 minute on/off duty cycle to avoid cellular fatigue.

Is PEMF therapy painful?


PEMF therapy is a safe, non-invasive method to reduce inflammation and pain.

Who can use PEMF therapy?

Some PEMF devices have a list of exclusions due to the high frequencies at which they operate – frequencies which are outside of nature’s own. Since 1989 there have been no reported contraindications.

Our units can be used by all ages, without exception, even those who are pregnant, fitted with a pacemaker, or suffer from epilepsy.

The Bottom Line 

PEMF brings many benefits, which improve your body’s natural recovery process, and stimulates your brain and nervous system. 

It corrects the cellular level of dysfunction throughout your body and optimizes your cell membrane.

For patients with ailments, it gives you more energy, enhancing physical performance. What’s more, it reduces inflammation and pain and other benefits. It also promotes beneficial cellular communication.

It’s a wise investment for people looking to treat underlying health issues for a healthier lifestyle and prevent any medical condition. 

PEMF delivers relief without invasive surgery. It gives many benefits in the long term, making it valuable for you and your family. Check our PEMF products here.


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