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TENS or PEMF – Which Therapy Works Better?

It’s pretty confusing to pinpoint the differences between PEMF devices and TENS units. 

While both relieve the aches and pains,  the impact on how each therapy interacts with your body is noticeably distinct. 

Let’s discuss the differences between PEMF vs TENS and find out which provides temporary relief and which has permanent benefits. 

What’s the Main Difference Between TENS & PEMF?

The main difference between TENS and PEMF is that TENS uses electrical impulses. Meanwhile, PEMF therapy uses varied strength magnetic fields.

As a result, TENS delivers temporary pain relief through the body’s natural pain killer, while PEMF heals the source of pain. It fixes the problem instead of giving a temporary solution.

PEMF Therapy


  • Stimulates and repairs damaged cells
  • Non-invasive and safe for cancer management 
  • Effective treatment for multiple sleep difficulties
  • Positively impacts fat reduction
  • Safe at any frequency


  • Some users experience minor discomfort during the first few days due to the body detoxifying

TENS Therapy



  • A non-invasive method for relieving chronic or acute pain
  • May reduce intake of pain medications 
  • TENS units disrupt pain signals
  • Effective in managing symptomatic pain


  • TENS does not help with the actual healing of the pain
  • You may experience buzzing, tingling, or prickling sensations

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Key Differences

Purpose & Application

The purpose of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is to help patients with their pain management. It uses the distraction technique called gate control theory. 

In other words, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation confuses the brain by using the stimulation signals produced. It competes with the signals from another pain source. 

It’s similar to pinching yourself when you have a headache, so the pain on your skin overshadows your headache. However, it’s only a temporary benefit. 

Meanwhile, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF Therapy) delivers longer-lasting pain relief. It stimulates the repair of your tissues at a cellular level to improve cell health and not just pain management.

PEMF therapy stimulates, repairs, and heals the cause of pain, meaning PEMF Therapy devices deliver more benefit in the long term. 

Mechanism of Action

PEMF therapy functions at the mitochondrial level, allowing the repair of cells and tissues. On the other hand, TENS stimulates nerves and activates your opioid system. 

It changes the perception of pain. As a result, TENS doesn’t heal. It’s for the pain management of your injury. 

Meanwhile, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy manages injuries and more. PEMF therapy repairs your damaged cells, neuron stimulation, calming inflammation, and the PEMF devices help in creating new cells. (1)


healthAnimal research shows that stimulation that goes beyond 20 Hz may result in adverse side effects. 

TENS therapy is set to >50H, which means you can only use it sparingly, between thirty to sixty minutes a day. 

Meanwhile, PEMF therapy is set below 20 Hz, and the PEMF devices are even normally set under 10 Hz, so it only uses low voltage electrical current.

PEMF therapy is a low-frequency electromagnetic energy treatment that allows you to use it for extended periods as no electrical signal penetrates your body.

You can also use the PEMF devices multiple times a day, making pulsed electromagnetic fields a better option. It’s also tested at cellular and animal applications.

Some PEMF therapy systems enable you to run overnight for therapeutic benefits. Pulsed electromagnetic fields promote healing without compromising your daily routine.


PEMF therapy offers better convenience. The transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation units require direct skin contact, which makes them slightly tricky to use. 

However, PEMF therapy allows you to use it over light clothing. As a result, you can use PEMF devices in various settings, including sitting on an office chair or driving to and from work.   

The impulse magnetic-field therapy devices have a range of unique delivery options, including a chair pad, full-body pad, or even smaller rings and paddles. These can target more of the body simultaneously than TENS units can. 

When you are using the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS therapy), the electrodes need to be transferred from one area to another area of your body, requiring more time and effort. 

The Magnafield (under the bed or under the chair device) or MagnaField® Mini (portable device) have a range of unique frequencies. These can target more of the body simultaneously than TENS units can.

Health Benefits

safetyTranscutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Therapy retains nerves as it delivers electricity that travels through the nerve fibers. 

Given enough time and treatments, your brain and never patterns are retrained by the impulse that causes to trigger your muscles. 

Another health benefit of using TENS therapy is a reduction of inflammation. More inflammation causes more pain, so using the electric impulses reduces inflammation deep in your muscle fibers. The TENS units relieve symptomatic pain as well.

Meanwhile, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy gives you plenty of other health benefits. The repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation promotes chronic primary insomnia relief and relief of other sleep disorders. (2)

It helps with a wide range of sleep issues, improving the body’s natural healing processes. 

Another health benefit is that it inhibits the growth of human cancer cells and works effectively to reduce tumor growth than the untreated control groups. (3) It also speeds up the healing process. 

Lastly, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy positively impacts weight loss and fat reduction as it creates more energy through direct cell stimulation, boosting metabolism.   

It promises better circulation, so the stubborn fat deposits are mobilized and get into the bloodstream, where you can use them as energy.

Added Value

PEMFs give you added therapeutic effectiveness as it passes through the body, so there’s no danger of being overdosed as with other medications.

On the other hand, using a TENS unit, you need to meet specific applications. It might sit on your shelf more often than you are using it. 

PEMFs effectively treat so many health concerns, and it’s used as a means of preventive care.


Which has a more lasting effect, PEMF or TENS?

The PEMF device has a longer-lasting effect than TENS. It is because the PEMF devices stimulate cell repair.             

PEMF devices promote actual healing, while TENS is only for pain management and pain relief.

Which is more costly, TENS or PEMF?

The PEMF unit costs more than buying a TENS unit. However, PEMF units provide more value in the long term for cell health. It can be used regularly for preventive care and maintenance. 

Meanwhile, the TENS units only use the distraction technique to treat chronic pain temporarily.

So, Is It PEMF or TENS? 

Although TENS and PEMF are similar in some ways, PEMF provides more health value in the long term as TENS devices only block pain receptor signals.

In other words, when you invest in a PEMF, you and your family can use it even after you are healed.

PEMF devices deliver more conveniently as they do not need direct skin contact, and it does more than just manage pain. 

It’s safer because it uses a low voltage electrical current and brings many health benefits than TENS, including treating sleep problems, reducing fat, and aids traditional cancer treatments. 

If you’re interested in buying a PEMF device or if you’d like to learn more, you may contact our team here.  


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